Hidden History of Litchfield County

A Helping Hand: Hidden History of Litchfield County

Pete Vermilyea book resizedAt the Kent Historical Society, we strive to accommodate researchers of all kinds, whether they are writing for themselves, their families, or the larger public. Our archives are available to anyone for any purpose they might have. Occasionally, though, some of our visiting researchers publish a book. Longtime friend of KHS, Peter Vermilyea has done just that. You can order a copy of Hidden History of Litchfield County, just published by the History Press.

Peter came by the office to drop off a review copy, and we were pleased to see a handsome acknowledgement to our curator, Marge Smith, right there on page 8.

The book grew from Vermilyea’s fascinating blog, Hidden in Plain Sight, which you can find at www.hiddeninplainsightblog.com. Peter’s curiosity takes him all over the local landscape, and he constantly turns up instances of history that still linger, if you open your eyes to see them.

A resident of Litchfield, Peter teaches history at Housatonic Valley Regional High School in Falls Village, and at Western Connecticut State University. A graduate of Gettysburgh College, he is the director at his alma mater’s Civil War Institute. He’s the author or editor of three books and more than a dozen articles, mostly about Civil War History.

We know that other researchers are out there, and maybe some of you have a book inside you, struggling to be born. At the Kent Historical Society, we can’t do the work for you, but we can help with documents, photographs, costumes, and who knows what else.