Guests Enjoy Seven Hearths Revealed Party

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Guests Enjoy Seven Hearths Revealed Party

Over 40 people visited Seven Hearths April 21 for the Seven Hearths Revealed Party to help support our ongoing efforts to highlight the history of Kent. The cocktail party drew a supportive crowd, with a great mix of people who had visited previously along with some who’d never been inside our historic house museum.

Trustees Jeffrey Morgan and Roger Gonzales led a group of people through the museum on a tour, highlighting recent additions as well as the conservation work underway on the building.

We would also like to recognize the organizing committee for the party that was chaired by Trustees Deb Chabrian and Jeffrey Morgan. Others volunteered their time to make it a success, including Austi Brown and Trustees Lynn Worthington and Kent Freeman, as well as volunteers Adriana Martinez and Ed Martinez . Acting Director Patrice Galterio and Curator Marge Smith also spent considerable time planning and welcomed guests to the event.

KHS thanks the following for their help with the party: TEPOZ Tequila,
Kent Wine & Spirit.

One of the highlights of the evening was viewing the artwork offered through a silent auction to support the George Laurence Nelson Scholarship. Six artists contributed paintings and prints they created during a Paint Out on April 12-13 in George Laurence Nelson’s former studio in the Seven Hearths Museum. Proceeds from the auction will fund the scholarship that will aid college students studying art and art history.


We are especially grateful to those who supported this event and the Society with their generous contributions.


Mr. and Mrs. Henry Kissinger

Ms. Agnes Gund

Mrs. Anne Bass



Ms. Nina Henderson and Mr. Roger Branson

Mr. Jeffrey Morgan and Mr. Robert Couturier

Mr. and Mrs. Greg Randall

Mr. Guy Peterson



Mr. and Mrs. Ned Babbitt

Mr. and Mrs. Ely Britton

Ms. Austi Brown

Dr. Ben Cohen and Dr. Barbara Lukash

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony DiPentima

Mr.  David Freeman and Adriana Martinez

Mr. Michael Hallows and Ms. Lynn Perry              

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Hicks

Mr. Clinton Kelly

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Klein

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lenz

Dr. Martin Levine and Dr. Israel Cruz

Mr. and Mrs. Dave Melton

Mr. and Mrs. John Noneman

Mr. Stephen Shapiro and Dr. Amy Attas

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Tobin

Mr. and Mrs. John Youngblood

Mr. Anthony Zunino

Seven Hearths Revealed Sponsors and Paint Out

Seven Hearths Revealed Sponsors and Paint Out

The Kent Historical Society invites all to Seven Hearths Revealed, an evening celebrating our beloved 18th century home and museum, April 21, 2018. We are grateful to our Underwriters, Sponsors and Friends who’ve helped support this fundraiser.

Attendees will tour Seven Hearths, view George Laurence Nelson’s artwork and and enjoy wine, and hors d’oeuvres, as well as celebrate spring with fellow KHS supporters, history buffs and friends.

Deborah Chabrian, KHS Trustee and well-known watercolorist, is again organizing a “Paint Out” with a group of local artists to create beautiful artwork that will be auctioned off, with proceeds going to the George Laurence Nelson Scholarship Fund. This is the second year for the painting fundraiser, and Chabrian said that the artists all enjoyed the camaraderie of painting together in the historic Seven Hearths. Invited artists are creating paintings this year inspired by the interior rooms of the unique house museum. The resulting works of art will be offered in a silent auction during the party.

“We want to draw attention to GLN’s light-filled studio here at Seven Heaths, to bring life and art back into the house,” she said.

The party will provide an opportunity to discover more about the house’s rich legacy. Trustee Jeffrey Morgan continues to remove paint layers, particularly in the South Parlor, adding to the Society’s knowledge of what the interiors looked like through the years. The stairs (c. 1940), which previously gave access from the Fur Trading Post to the attic, have been removed to allow for better appreciation and understanding of this recently discovered historical gem. A new stair has been reconstructed in the original location from period materials and hand wrought nails. It is located at the top of the stairs from what was originally the general store and was later used by George Laurence Nelson as his painting studio. Several wonderful examples of Nelson’s interior watercolors will be on display throughout the house.

The fundraising party will provide needed operating funds for the Society. Attendees will have the opportunity to see the ongoing changes that have been happening at the 1751 house museum and celebrate the fascinating history of the building.

Tickets available online.

Patrice Galterio hired as Acting Director

The Kent Historical Society is pleased to announce the appointment of Kent resident Patrice Galterio as its acting director.

Patrice joined the KHS staff in September 2017, replacing long-time assistant Lyn Stirnweiss, who resigned to devote more time to her job at the Kent Chamber of Commerce. Patrice took on her new role as acting director in March, taking over from Brian Thomas, who resigned from his role as executive director after serving for three and a half years.  

Patrice was a founder and the creative director of the Kent Film Festival with her husband, Frank Galterio. She is a graphic designer and continues to do freelance work for clients part-time. She looks forward to helping guide the Historical Society in her new role.

Summer Art Enrichment Registration

Register Below With Payment link

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Thanks to all for their support during 2017!

Thanks to all for their support during 2017!


The Kent Historical Society Board of Trustees welcomes each and every gift in support of the organization’s annual operating costs.

Your support helps protect our past and ensures that future generations will have access to important information about our town.

Take a look at what we’ve accomplished during recent years, thanks to support from people like you:

  • Created a climate-controlled storage area to protect the artwork of 20th century artist George Laurence Nelson
  • Celebrated the founders of Kent with an exhibit that documented the people who started the town and explored life in the 1700s.
  • Explored our town’s historic heritage with a 7-house tour focused on Colonial homes in and around Kent Hollow.
  • Offered educational lectures in our 2017 Sunday Series that explored topics related to the beginning years of the town, including food, religion, land divisions and the first inhabitants of the town.
  • Refurbished the Seven Hearths Museum exterior with new clapboard siding and painting.


In 2018, we are launching a year-long program called A Sense of Community: Kent at mid-20th Centurywhich will explore life in our town, including growing up or moving to Kent, farming and the Village, as described by your neighbors in exhibits, lectures and conversations. We hope you will attend and/or participate.

Thank you to everyone who has already donated or renewed their membership since our fiscal year began Oct. 1, 2017! Your support makes a difference and is deeply appreciated.

For others, please consider supporting the Kent Historical Society through a gift.


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A look at ‘Kent Back Then’ in the mid-20th Century

A look at ‘Kent Back Then’ in the mid-20th Century

The award-winning curator of the Kent Historical Society (as well as the Sharon Historical Society), Marge Smith will take a nostalgic look at Kent life in the mid-20th century, including farming, the village, moving to Kent, and the role that three private schools have played in the town’s life.

“Kent Back Then” will be presented by the Kent Historical Society, as part of its Sunday Series lectures in the Kent Town Hall Sunday, January 21, at 2 p.m.

Advertisement from 1956 Kent Good Times Dispatch

The depth and breadth of Ms. Smith’s knowledge of Kent is the backbone of the Kent Historical Society, and in this interactive discussion with the audience, she will link the past with today using a series of images and old advertisements from Kent’s iconic local newspaper – The Kent Good Times Dispatch, known fondly as The GTD. In its heyday, The GTD had its finger firmly on the pulse of the town, with reporters submitting stories from every corner of town. So, search your memory banks and plan to join us for a fun afternoon.


This Sunday Series lecture inaugurates the theme for the Historical Society’s 2018 events, “Our Town: A Sense of Community in the Mid-20th Century.” One goal for the year will be to celebrate the memories of those who lived through the dramatic changes that took place in Kent before and after World War II.

The Kent Historical Society sponsors the Sunday Series in March, May, July, September, and November. Free admission for members; $5 suggested donation for non-members.

For more information please call 860-927-4587.

Holiday House Tour Showcases Historic Homes

Holiday House Tour Showcases Historic Homes

The Kent Historical Society will feature a Historic Holiday House Tour in December to showcase seven historic homes in Kent, CT.

This vintage image of a historic house in South Kent is one of the homes that will be open to the public for the Kent Historical Society’s Holiday Historic House Tour Dec. 10 from noon to 4:30 p.m.

“We are fortunate in Kent to have several Colonial-era buildings (18th Century) that articulate the difference in scale, character and construction that were characteristic of early Connecticut upland vernacular architecture. Many of these houses have been ‘accumulative. as they have seen 19th, 20th and 21st century additions and alterations.  Some retain most of their early fabric and others have evolved over time,” said Bruce Whipple, who is a member of the society’s Board of Trustees and serves as treasurer for the organization.

The tour will take place Sunday, Dec. 10 from noon to 4:30 p.m. Advance tickets are available for $45 online and at the Heron Gallery, Kent Wine & Spirit, and the Kent Town Clerk’s Office. The price jumps to $60 on the day of the tour, so be sure to get your tickets early!

Whipple had the idea for this fundraiser in part due to his own interest in historic architecture and he knew that others would also enjoy seeing what Kent has to offer.

“We knew that patrons would be interested in visiting several homes and seeing them in their current uses.  Each house has a distinct sense of their owner’s tastes and we were pleased that seven families agreed to open their homes for a charitable cause,” Whipple said. “These homes will not disappoint realtors, designers, builders, historians or everyday visitors who come.”

Many of the homes are located in the Kent Hollow section of town. One house is on the National Register of Historic Places.

The fun will begin that day at the Swift House, located at 12 Maple Street (also known as Route 341), where day-of tickets may be purchased and ticket holders will be able to get a map to the homes with a brief description of them. The Swift House will be open from 11 a.m. through the afternoon.

Afterwards, everyone participating is invited to gather back at Swift House to share festive beverages at the wassail bowl.

“The cocktail punch reception that will follow at the Swift House will allow patrons a chance to meet and compare their reactions to what they saw during their visits,” Whipple said.

Proceeds from the event will be used by the Kent Historical Society for its operating budget. Our mission is to collect, preserve, interpret and present the rich history of Kent, as well as to provide educational and research material to enrich the public understanding of Kent’s artistic and cultural heritage.  For more information, call 860-927-4587.


Giving thanks for our volunteers

Giving thanks for our volunteers

Volunteer docents Melissa Cherniske and Lisa Weinblatt greet KHS members during the exhibition opening in July 2017.

The Kent Historical Society would like to acknowledge those who generously helped us with their time and services during the 2017 calendar year. As a small non-profit, we depend on those who share their time with the organization because this allows us to continue to provide events, exhibitions and programming to the community of Kent and the region.

Our thanks to all of you!

Seven Hearths Museum Docents

Sue Lopardo, volunteer coordinator

Curator Marge Smith

Guest Curator Susan Shepard

Seven Hearths conservator Jeffrey Morgan

Catherine Bachrach

Darlene Brady

Deb Chabrian

Karen Chase

Melissa Cherniske

Anne and Mike Everett

Heather Forstmann

Fran Goodsell

Lara Hanson

Rick Levy

Charlotte Lindsey

Karina O’Meara

Linda Palmer

Ellen Paul

Jennie Rehnberg

Jann Tanner

Lisa Weinblatt

Bruce Whipple

Lynn Worthington



Austi Brown

Melissa Cherniske

Mike Everett

Deb Chabrian

Kent Freeman

Roger Gonzales

Jeffrey Morgan

Chris Naples

Guy Peterson

Bruce Whipple

Lynn Worthington


Seven Hearths in Bloom volunteers

Deborah Chabrian, co-chair

Jeffrey Morgan, co-chair

Melissa Cherniske

Mike Everett

Kent Freeman

Roger Gonzales

Adriana Martinez

Ed Martinez

Marge Smith

Lyn Stirnweiss
Brian Thomas

Kate Vick

James Vick

Michael Ward
Bruce Whipple
Lynn Worthington

J.P. Gifford Market and Catering Company

Kent Greenhouse and Garden Center

Kent Wine & Spirit

Tepoz Tequila


GLN Art Scholarship contributing artists

Scott Bricher

Deb Chabrian

Mike Everett

Susan Grisell

Bob Lenz

Ed Martinez

Richard Stalter


Other Volunteers and Contributors…

Ky Anderson

Sarah Bacon

Michael Benjamin

Berkshire Taconic Foundation

Diane Blick

Darlene Brady

Christine Branson

Austi Brown

Kevin Capobianco

Patti Case

Michael John Cavallaro

Zanne    Charity

Aiden Cherniske

Darrell Cherniske

Bonnie Jo Cheron

CT Humanities

Bobbie  Davis

Davis IGA

Caroline DeVita

Don DeVita

Paul Everett

Fife ’n Drum

Bill Gawel

George-Ann Gowan

Dan Greenbaum

Linda Hall

Heron Gallery

Alice and Jim Hicks

Housatonic Valley Association

House of Books

Tony Iovino

John Gleason and Gleason Electric

Kent Barns

Kent Center School Wildlife Habitat Committee

Kent Coffee & Chocolate

Kent Greenhouse

Kent Land Trust

Kent Lions Club

Kent Memorial Library

Kent Wine & Spirits

Tom Key

Joan Larned

Kathi Lee

Connie Manes

Adriana Martinez

Alfred W. McCoy

Norm Mosher

Wendy Murphy

National Society Daughters of the Revolution

Northwest CT Community Foundation

Joanne Pappano

Frank Pierzga

Martin Podskoch

Christina Purcell

Catherine Rawson

Marel Rogers

Nancy Schaefer

Ira Smith/ Kent Wine and Spirit

Richard Stalter

Students from the Kent School

The Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS)

The Marvelwood School

The Town of Kent

Paul Tines

Gail Tobin

Town Clerk’s Office

Michael Ward

Weantinoge Heritage Land Trust

Susi Williams

John Worthington


KentPresents awards grant for second year

KentPresents awards grant for second year

The Kent Historical Society is extremely grateful to be a recipient of a grant from the KentPresents/KentProvides Committee this year.

Ken Cooper of the committee announced the award of an unrestricted grant of $1,000, noting that the Historical Society clearly fulfilled the mission sought for grant recipients of service in the life of the community.

“We are proud to include you among this year’s group of grant recipients. Congratulations to you for the work you do to make our community a better place for all to live,” Mr. Cooper wrote.

The Historical Society was one of 29 organizations in Litchfield County that were presented with grant funds that totaled $100,000. KentPresents is an ideas festival started by Ben and Donna Rosen in 2015. The second annual KentPresents was held at the Kent School in August and brought together 87 leaders in a variety of fields for cultural and intellectual discussions. Among the presenters were Nobel Prize laureates; Tony, Peabody and Emmy winners; Pulitzer Prize winners; and distinguished speakers from art, economics, education, energy, environment, food, global affairs, health care, humanities, national issues, performing arts, science, technology and many others. Over 300 guests attended from across the United States.

“We are very pleased that in our second year KentPresents has been able to continue to make meaningful grants to so many organizations,” said Donna and Ben Rosen of Kent, founders and guiding spirits of KentPresents. In the years to come we hope to continue to support needs-based groups that help people in our communities to thrive.”

Annual meeting celebrates 2016 accomplishments

The Kent Quilters were honored for the 2016 signature quilt.

Annual meeting celebrates 2016 accomplishments

President Mike Everett thanks Zanne Charity for her efforts as a trustee.
President Mike Everett thanks Zanne Charity for her efforts as a trustee.

The Kent Historical Society celebrated its accomplishments in 2016 and honored a number of volunteers during its Annual Meeting Sunday, Oct. 16 in Kent Town Hall.

President Mike Everett welcomed everyone to the event and went through some of the highlights of the previous year. He mentioned that three grants have been received for the renovation of Tallman House into an Art and Archives Storage Area. He also explained there has been much work to organize the administrative floor of the building

Beth Dooley is thanked for her many years as a trustee.
Beth Dooley is thanked for her many years as a trustee.

The Collections Committee has received a number of donations from the late Marie Camp and from her family after she passed away this year. The committee continues to try to assimilate the material into the collection.

He also mentioned a number of the events, including the Sunday Series, the Summer Art Enrichment for children and the Musicale and Spirited Tea in the spring, and thanked those responsible for organizing and orchestrating the details.

One of the major accomplishments was the re-clapboarding of Seven Hearths that was finished and then the siding was painted with a second coat of stain in the summer. Almost all of the trim on the windows and doors has also been painted this year.

Monthly curators’ tours were conducted from July through October that were long detailed discussions of how an old house, like Seven Hearths, is restored. These were conducted by Curator Marge Smith and trustee Jeffrey Morgan.

The Summer Postcard Exhibit at the town-owned Swift House was held in June through August, with a walking tour offered in July.

There was a new version of the organization’s Constitution and Bylaws adopted and ratified by the members. This document was last amended in 2012.

The election of officers and trustees was held:


President Mike Everett, term ends 2017

Vice President Lynn Mellis Worthington, term ends 2019  

Secretary Melissa Cherniske, term ends 2018

Treasurer Bruce Whipple, term ends 2019


Jeffrey Morgan, one-year term

Deborah Chabrian, one-year term

Roger Gonzales, two-year term

Kent Freeman, two-year term

Kate Vick, three-year term

Austi Brown, three-year term

Volunteers thanked
Ky Anderson is honored as a distinguished member.
Ky Anderson is honored as a distinguished member.

Several people ended their tenure on the Board of Trustees and Mr. Everett recognized those who had stepped down and gave them each a hand-created token of thanks. Beth Dooley was honored for her long tenure that stretched back to when Miss Emily Hopson served as president. Zanne Charity, who has been on for five years, was recognized for her efforts particularly in programs and outreach efforts of the society, and for the renovation of the Seven Hearth garage into the Art Barn. Patti Case was thanked for her time on the board and her willingness to continue on as a volunteer for the Collections Committee. Tim Good and Nancy Schaefer were unable to attend but were also thanked for their time on the board.

The Board of Trustees also honored two long-time members with a new designation – Distinguished Member – and Fran Johnson and Ky Anderson were both recognized. Ms. Anderson was able to attend and graciously accepted a hand-crafted certificate from Mr. Everett.

The docents who volunteered during the summer’s Postcard exhibit at the Swift House were also honored for their service to the society and each presented with a small gift.

Signature Quilt

Finally, the Kent Quilters were honored and thanked for creating and donating the 2016 Signature Quilt to the Society. All attending were called up to the front to stand next to the displayed quilt. Jane Suttell Zatlin, group organizer of the Kent Quilters, shared a little information about the group. The three-panel quilt includes 600 signatures from Kent residents and six different iconic scenes from town. The ceremony marked the official acceptance of the quilt into the Society’s permanent collection. The 25 quilters were thanked and recognized by the society’s members.

The event then adjourned to an entertaining presentation by Nick Bellantoni on “Vampires in New England,” the final Sunday Series of the year.