Art Enrichment

Monday, July 3: Fun with Buttons

with Deb Chabrian and Gabriella Martinez. Ages 5-8. 9am - 12pm

Ever have random buttons you don’t know what to do with? Fun with Buttons will provide several fun and creative projects students can use. Take seemingly boring buttons headed for the trash, and transform them into bright beautiful treasures!
Buttons will be supplied but feel free to bring some from home.
In this class, students can choose between button frames and button animals. Decorate a frame with buttons and display your favorite photo. Make buttons come to life by creating button animals. The possibilities are limitless!

Monday, July 3: Button Creations

with Deb Chabrian and Gabriella Martinez. Ages 9-12. 1pm-4pm

Like Fun with Buttons, Button Creations will show older kids several fun and creative button projects. Students can choose to make button bracelets, button necklaces, button keychains, and button pins! Make funky jewelry for yourself or a friend!
Feel free to bring your favorite buttons from home to combine with the ones that we will supply to turn ordinary buttons into extraordinary fun things!


Wednesday, July 5: Paint & Plant

with Shannon Blanton. Ages 5-8. 9am-noon

Let’s get a little messy as we decorate flower pots. We will let the paint drip, we will use our hands, and we will make magic all while learning how to tend our new seeds.

Wednesday, July 5: Terrariums

with Christine Branson. Ages 9-12. 1pm-4pm

Create a perfect miniature fantasy land, then…let your imagination run wild! This class will entail creating a tiny garden ecosystem in a glass container. This includes building a simple, multi-layered filtration system designed to sustain an easy-to-maintain mixture of miniature natural plants, stones, moss, and items found in nature such as twigs, shells, sea glass–anything really! Supplies are provided but feel free to embellish your terrarium with your own favorite plastic, glass, painted metal, or ceramic tiny treasures.


Thursday, July 6: Paper Quilting and Mosaic Mania!

With Shannon Blanton. Ages 5-8. 9am-noon

Come learn how to make your own paper barn quilt as we learn about the local barn quilts. As a class, we will dream up and create a class quilt for the Historical Society. We will also take the quilting a step further and go full on mosaic. Using stickers and paper we will create to our heart’s desire.

Thursday, July 6: Diorama Time!

With Shannon Blanton. Ages 9-12. 1pm-4pm

Ever wanted to make your own diorama? Love seeing things in miniature? This is your class! Together we will each create a little vignette, a world of our own. Creativity abounds as you plan and execute your backdrop, vegetation, creatures, etc. Supplies are included, but students should feel free to bring items from home.


Friday, July 7: Creating with Cornhusks

with Shannon Blanton. Ages 5-8. 9am-noon

Corn Husks have been used to make all sorts of things from flowers to dolls for thousands of years. This Native American skill was adopted by early European settlers. Utilizing the natural beauty of the husk we will sculpt and experiment with making our own Corn husk treasures.

Friday, July 7: Recycled Cardboard Projects

with Christine Branson. Ages 9-12. 1pm-4pm

Choose from three projects made with repurposed and upcycled/recycled mixed media: cardboard, newspaper, magazines, and glass jars, to create shadow boxes, decoupage jars, or “tape-r-mâché” sculpture. Supplies are included, but students are encouraged to bring a small assortment of their own favorite objects from home such as tiny toys (3” to 2” or smaller), interesting images they’ve found, or any fascinating items they’ve collected but don’t know what to do with. Our goal is to revitalize the use of small, forgotten objects and create fun new memories that will be enjoyed for years to come.