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  • December 2017:  Historic Tour in Kent Hollow
  • September 2017:  Dwindling Empires - A Housatonic View
  • May 2017:  The Founders of Kent - Starting from Scratch
  • February 2017: Who saved Otto Klug? Investigating a 75-year-old mystery

  • December 2016: Arsenic and Injustice: The Trials of Florence Maybrick
  • September 2016: Oral History: Stories from the Past
  • May 2016: Pearl Harbor Day: Not Just Another Day
  • February 2016: Birdsey Grant Northrop, Tree Hugger Extraordinaire
  • November 2015: Planning for the Future

  • September 2015:The Arts Mission Continues!
  • April 2015: The Camps of Kent: An Exhibit Takes Shape
  • January 2015: Kent Historical Society Appoints New Executive Director

  • September 2014:  Have you been to our exhibit “Iron, Wood, and Water: Essential Elements in the Evolution of Kent”?
  • May 2014:  Iron, Wood, and Water: Essential Elements in the Evolution of Kent
  • January 2014:   What Volunteers Really Mean to Us

  • September 2013:  Who is GLN? ~ Our Campaign to Explain
  • June 2013:  Seven Hearths Will Be open In June After Restoration Work

  • December 2012:  Special Edition "Seven Hearths Historic Structures Report"
  • August 2012:  A Very Special Annual Meeting
  • May 2012: CCC Camp Macedonia Brook
  • December 2008:   A Mystery Solved! Camp Macedonia
  • August 2008:   Have You Been to Seven Hearths Yet?
  • April 2008:   The Jewel of Seven Hearths Helen & Laurence Nelson

  • November 2007:  The History of Bulls Bridge, By Johnnie Lindberg, conclusion
  • July 2007:  The History of Bulls Bridge, by Johnnie Lindberg, continued
  • May 2007:   The History of Bulls Bridge, By Johnnie Lindberg

  • December 2006:  An Amazing Book "One Small Town In WWII-Kent, Connecticut
  • September 2006:  Attention Civil War Buffs
  • April 2006:   Up On Preston Mountain


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