Kent Historical Society: Preserving the History of Kent, CT


Immortalizing the Bucolic Beauty of Kent
By Christine Adams

Art history is Kent history, and it is a continuum. Since the 18th century, Kent has been an attraction to landscape painters seeking a beautiful setting to immortalize. Its bucolic nature has remained unspoiled by development for a variety of historic and ecological reasons: the removal of industry to the cities in the 19th century, the principle occupation of farming and the natural topography of the landscape. Therefore our lush Housatonic Highlands have remained very much as they ever were, thanks to this seeming commercial oversight. By the 20th century, well over 250 artists chose the Litchfield Hills to paint, and many of them were drawn to Kent. They “had national reputations and are still well known, but the knowledge that they had painted [here] had been lost.”
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