Kent Historical Society


Join us July 15 – Sunday Series on Growing Up in Kent

The Kent Historical Society is hosting the fourth of our 2018 series:

Our Town: Growing Up in Kent, July 15 at 2 p.m. in Kent Town Hall

Join in the conversation about Growing Up here in Kent!
You don’t have to be a native of the town, as long as you spent part of your childhood here.
Even if you just went to summer camp here – come share your own memories.
The last three Sunday Series gatherings have been a big hit.
The chairs are set in the round so that we can all see each other and share stories – it’s very informal. There has been much laughter and camaraderie as one story triggers another, and then another. This is our way of gathering a group oral history of life in Kent in the mid-20th century, and we really NEED you to help us out!