Giving thanks for our volunteers

Giving thanks for our volunteers

Volunteer docents Melissa Cherniske and Lisa Weinblatt greet KHS members during the exhibition opening in July 2017.

The Kent Historical Society would like to acknowledge those who generously helped us with their time and services during the 2017 calendar year. As a small non-profit, we depend on those who share their time with the organization because this allows us to continue to provide events, exhibitions and programming to the community of Kent and the region.

Our thanks to all of you!

Seven Hearths Museum Docents

Sue Lopardo, volunteer coordinator

Curator Marge Smith

Guest Curator Susan Shepard

Seven Hearths conservator Jeffrey Morgan

Catherine Bachrach

Darlene Brady

Deb Chabrian

Karen Chase

Melissa Cherniske

Anne and Mike Everett

Heather Forstmann

Fran Goodsell

Lara Hanson

Rick Levy

Charlotte Lindsey

Karina O’Meara

Linda Palmer

Ellen Paul

Jennie Rehnberg

Jann Tanner

Lisa Weinblatt

Bruce Whipple

Lynn Worthington



Austi Brown

Melissa Cherniske

Mike Everett

Deb Chabrian

Kent Freeman

Roger Gonzales

Jeffrey Morgan

Chris Naples

Guy Peterson

Bruce Whipple

Lynn Worthington


Seven Hearths in Bloom volunteers

Deborah Chabrian, co-chair

Jeffrey Morgan, co-chair

Melissa Cherniske

Mike Everett

Kent Freeman

Roger Gonzales

Adriana Martinez

Ed Martinez

Marge Smith

Lyn Stirnweiss
Brian Thomas

Kate Vick

James Vick

Michael Ward
Bruce Whipple
Lynn Worthington

J.P. Gifford Market and Catering Company

Kent Greenhouse and Garden Center

Kent Wine & Spirit

Tepoz Tequila


GLN Art Scholarship contributing artists

Scott Bricher

Deb Chabrian

Mike Everett

Susan Grisell

Bob Lenz

Ed Martinez

Richard Stalter


Other Volunteers and Contributors…

Ky Anderson

Sarah Bacon

Michael Benjamin

Berkshire Taconic Foundation

Diane Blick

Darlene Brady

Christine Branson

Austi Brown

Kevin Capobianco

Patti Case

Michael John Cavallaro

Zanne    Charity

Aiden Cherniske

Darrell Cherniske

Bonnie Jo Cheron

CT Humanities

Bobbie  Davis

Davis IGA

Caroline DeVita

Don DeVita

Paul Everett

Fife ’n Drum

Bill Gawel

George-Ann Gowan

Dan Greenbaum

Linda Hall

Heron Gallery

Alice and Jim Hicks

Housatonic Valley Association

House of Books

Tony Iovino

John Gleason and Gleason Electric

Kent Barns

Kent Center School Wildlife Habitat Committee

Kent Coffee & Chocolate

Kent Greenhouse

Kent Land Trust

Kent Lions Club

Kent Memorial Library

Kent Wine & Spirits

Tom Key

Joan Larned

Kathi Lee

Connie Manes

Adriana Martinez

Alfred W. McCoy

Norm Mosher

Wendy Murphy

National Society Daughters of the Revolution

Northwest CT Community Foundation

Joanne Pappano

Frank Pierzga

Martin Podskoch

Christina Purcell

Catherine Rawson

Marel Rogers

Nancy Schaefer

Ira Smith/ Kent Wine and Spirit

Richard Stalter

Students from the Kent School

The Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS)

The Marvelwood School

The Town of Kent

Paul Tines

Gail Tobin

Town Clerk’s Office

Michael Ward

Weantinoge Heritage Land Trust

Susi Williams

John Worthington