Guests Enjoy Seven Hearths Revealed Party

Guests Enjoy Seven Hearths Revealed Party

Over 40 people visited Seven Hearths April 21 for the Seven Hearths Revealed Party to help support our ongoing efforts to highlight the history of Kent. The cocktail party drew a supportive crowd, with a great mix of people who had visited previously along with some who'd never been inside our historic house museum.

Trustees Jeffrey Morgan and Roger Gonzales led a group of people through the museum on a tour, highlighting recent additions as well as the conservation work underway on the building.

We would also like to recognize the organizing committee for the party that was chaired by Trustees Deb Chabrian and Jeffrey Morgan. Others volunteered their time to make it a success, including Austi Brown and Trustees Lynn Worthington and Kent Freeman, as well as volunteers Adriana Martinez and Ed Martinez . Acting Director Patrice Galterio and Curator Marge Smith also spent considerable time planning and welcomed guests to the event.

KHS thanks the following for their help with the party: TEPOZ Tequila,
Kent Wine & Spirit.

One of the highlights of the evening was viewing the artwork offered through a silent auction to support the George Laurence Nelson Scholarship. Six artists contributed paintings and prints they created during a Paint Out on April 12-13 in George Laurence Nelson’s former studio in the Seven Hearths Museum. Proceeds from the auction will fund the scholarship that will aid college students studying art and art history.




We are especially grateful to those who supported this event and the Society with their generous contributions.


Mr. and Mrs. Henry Kissinger
Ms. Agnes Gund
Mrs. Anne Bass


Ms. Nina Henderson and Mr. Roger Branson
Mr. Jeffrey Morgan and Mr. Robert Couturier
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Randall
Mr. Guy Peterson


Mr. and Mrs. Ned Babbitt
Mr. and Mrs. Ely Britton
Ms. Austi Brown
Dr. Ben Cohen and Dr. Barbara Lukash
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony DiPentima
Mr.  David Freeman and Adriana Martinez
Mr. Michael Hallows and Ms. Lynn Perry
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Hicks
Mr. Clinton Kelly
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Klein
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lenz
Dr. Martin Levine and Dr. Israel Cruz
Mr. and Mrs. Dave Melton
Mr. and Mrs. John Noneman
Mr. Stephen Shapiro and Dr. Amy Attas
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Tobin
Mr. and Mrs. John Youngblood
Mr. Anthony Zunino