Sunday Summer Series: July 20th, Aug 17th & Sept 21st

Legend of Molly Fisher Rock draws interest

The various legends of Molly Fisher Rock were explored in May through a lecture and hike to the actual location. Those attending a talk in Town Hall May 15 learned that there are various theories of why there are markings on the large rock and what they might mean. A hike in cooperation with the Kent Land Trust drew a crowd over over 40 people May 21 and participants hike up the hill to a ridge, where the rock is located.

Now covered with quite a bit of moss and lichen, the markings are getting harder and harder to see, but Chris Harrington and KHS Trustee Roger Gonzales were able to spot them and point them out to everyone. Gonzales explained that the rock has been certified as Celtic site and he told the story of folk singer, U. Utah Phillips, who visited the area and pointed out the eye of Horus on another rock. It is a natural formation of quartz that creates a human eye.

“We were climbing up and he said, ‘you never told me anything about the circle,’ “ Gonzales said. “He said, ‘You’re standing right in the middle of it.’ “

There were a number of stones is a big clearing, he explained. Gonzales also pointed out how the Molly Fisher Rock aligns with another rock during the Summer Soltice.

During the Sunday Series lecture, Alicia North of Cornwall and Chris Harrington of Kent shared stories about growing up on the property and being taken to the rock by their grandfather. The legend is published by the Bulls Bridge Inn on their web site.
South Kent School teacher Pat Bonis finished up the talk by sharing how he likes to take his students to the rock and share the mysteries about it, because they are fascinated by the stories. The area was formed by glaciers but he said it is quite unusual to have such large rocks at the top of a ridge.