Sacred Heart Cemetery Kent, Ct.

Sacred Heart Cemetery Kent, Ct

This Catholic Cemetery is located on Flanders Lane off Route 7 north of the village of Kent. All stones here are flush markers. It is run by the church and maintained by them. In 1998 a new sign was erected marking the location of this cemetery.

Baruth, Arthur P died May 9, 1993

Baruth, Rita 1913-1996

Byrnes, Eileen Fitzgerald died Sept. 30, 1990

Byrnes, Thomas Michael buried June 20, 1985

Carley, George O buried Apr. 8, 1995

Carley, Jane L (Alive)

Davis, Anne Hester died June 16, 1992

Hutner, Grace Caldwell died Nov. 14, 1993

Kragh, LuAnn buried Mar. 17, 1995

Price, George buried Oct. 6, 1994

Rejmer, William D buried May 18, 1996

Speranzo, Carmine buried Apr. 3, 1996

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