Morehouse and Parcells Family Cemeteries Kent, Ct.

Morehouse Family Cemetery Kent, Ct.

This small family cemetery is located on Richards Road in Kent, Ct. It has not been used in over a hundred years but the stones located there are still legible. It is enclosed by stone walls and not readily seen when driving by.

  • Chase, Dr. Benjamin no stone 1717-1778
  • Morehouse, David Jr. died June 15, 1865 age 72
  • Morehouse, Joseph M. died Sept. 10, 1844 age1_y10m23d
  • Morehouse, Norman V. died July 25, 1837 age 29y11m15d

Parcells Family Cemetery Kent, Ct.

This cemetery is located on the Parcells’ home farm off the old Gorham Road in Kent, Ct. It is fenced in and located presently off a private road north of North Spectacle Lake.

  • Parcells, Daniel Allen died Mar. 25, 1905
  • Parcells, Martha Worden died May 14, 1890

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