Special gift for Sponsor level members this year

Special gift for Sponsor level members this year

As a special gift to our Sponsor level members and above this year, we are providing a complimentary subscription to the quarterly magazine “Connecticut Explored.” This handsome publication covers the depth and breadth of our state’s history in articles of high quality, but with a dash of irreverence that makes for lively reading and wide appeal.

“Connecticut Explored” explores the state’s cultural heritage with the aim of revealing connections between the state’s past, present, and future. The magazine is published four times a year by a consortium of organizational partners that represent the best heritage, educational, and arts organizations in the state.

Other KHS members may also purchase a discounted subscription to “Connecticut Explored” magazine because we are now organizational partners with the group.

Our new exhibit is featured in the Spotlight section of the summer issue of the magazine.

For more information, see http://ctexplored.org/subscribe/