KHS 2008 Exhibits

Our Golden Moments

Front Parlor

Here we look at why we save clothes we love. Whether it be to hand down a wedding dress or christening gown for the next generation to use, for economic necessity (waste not, want not), to pass on a particularly valuable item, or for purely sentimental reasons (“it was Mom’s, I just can’t let it go”), we save clothes. This vignette features the most antique gown in our collection, originating from Gaylordsville, but typifying early Kent upper-class fashion. The “sentimental” category is represented by as well as a 1950s Anne Fogarty dress, loaned by Susi Williams, Marion Whynott’s mother’s 1940s coat, Ralph Ritchie’s tweed jacket and a lovely 19th century, pearl studded gown from the Historical Society’s collection.
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