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Barn Again

The Smithsonian Institute, in partnership with the Connecticut Humanities Council, offered us the chance to host their famous traveling exhibit called Barn Again!© for the summer of 2005. We jumped on it, and were able to reprise some of the best features of the 2004 “Focus on Farming” exhibit to accompany the detailed panels that made up the core of Barn Again!©. In addition to the Barn Again!

Seven Hearths was filled to the rafters with farming memorabilia, tools, photographs, books, paintings, toys, etc., lent to us by townspeople. This collection gave a distinct local air to the exhibit, which might not otherwise have attracted certain local visitors. Every single Kent Center (elementary) School student painted a picture of a barn.barn-again

These creations were on display at the school cafeteria during the school year, and then moved to Seven Hearths for the duration of Barn Again! They, too, attracted a different group of visitors (families of the students). For our youngest visitors, we had a farm coloring book, created by a local artist, on hand for children to color while their parents perused Barn Again!

For those of you who were not able to see Barn Again!© while it was with us, the great news is that it is now permanently housed in the Silo Gallery at the Hunt Hill Farm Trust in neighboring New Milford. For more information you may call the Silo at 860-355-0300, or visit their website at

Beginning in January, 2005, we began to ask for participation on the Barn Again! program throughout town. The response was strong. We were able to coordinate many barn related activities stretching through the season, even beyond the actual presence of the Barn Again! exhibit in town.

“Farming in Kent” art exhibit of farm and barn paintings by Susan Grisell at the Kent Memorial Library.

Sloane Stanley Museum grounds, “Farm Day, A Barn Again! Supportive Program.”

The Kent Memorial Library held an invitational Barn Again! art exhibit. A local photographer had her photo cards of local barns for sale at the same time at the Library. These same photos were on display at Seven Hearths.Neighboring Barn-small

Kent Historical Society and Kent Chamber of Commerce Bird Barn Auction was held throughout town to both raise money for the KHS and to raise awareness of Barn Again! and barns in general. Highly popular.

The Sloane Stanley Museum, the Cornwall Agricultural Commission and the Kent Historical Society sponsored a lecture and book signing by Thomas Durant Visser, author of “Field Guide to New England Barns and Farm Buildings.”

Kent Memorial Library children’s department and Kent Historical Society hosted a model barn building program for small children.

Dr. Briann Greenfield presented her “Postcards From the Farm, 1900-1920” to an overflow crowd at the Annual Meeting of the Kent Historical Society.
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