Faces of the Past : Portraits by George Laurence Nelson

Save the Dates
Because History Matters

Sunday afternoon “round table” talks of historic events
This event is FREE and open to the public

September 22

Frank Galterio will discuss the Moravians time in Kent

October 27

Roger Gonzales will discuss George Washington’s time here in Kent


October 19
Whittle Spoons Around the Campfire!

 A fun, educational, family-building workshop. 
We use whittling knives and glowing embers from the campfire to shape the wood and
cook soup in a cast iron Dutch oven to eat with our new spoons. 
Families are encouraged to bring produce from their gardens along with recipes, spices, etc.
It’s a great way to bring people of diverse backgrounds together and results in wonderful food!

This event is FREE and open to our local families and friends.

November 9
House Tour

The houses are still being chosen but old houses have treasures to find and secrets to uncover, along with amazing art collections or surrounded by lush, expertly-tended gardens. We’ll walk through a few of these historic houses here in Kent, each with a story to tell.

November 17
Annual Membership Meeting

Kent Town Hall 2:00

December 14
Annual Christmas Party