Paint Out raises funds for GLN scholarship

Paint Out raises funds for GLN scholarship

Seven local artists contributed paintings they created during a Paint Out April 18-19 in George Laurence Nelson’s former studio in the Seven Hearths Museum. The artistic works were auctioned during a silent auction April 29 during the Seven Hearths in Bloom cocktail party in the historic house museum. Proceeds from the auction are helping fund the George Laurence Nelson Scholarship.

Here is a video of the Paint Out in progress.

Organizer of the Paint Out was Trustee Deborah Chabrian, who also co-chaired the party. She said that the artists were asked to do the work in the studio for several reasons.

“We want to draw attention to GLN’s light-filled studio here at Seven Heaths, bring life and art back into the house and recreate a sense of its long and varied history. We chose to paint florals using flowers like the ones Nelson grew here in the gardens because we want to celebrate the theme of Seven Hearths in Bloom!” Chabrian said. “I think it is a nice thing to celebrate the art that was created here. And, its great light here in the studio.”

The seven artists who participated are Chabrian, Ed Martinez, Bob Lenz, Susan Grisell, Richard Stalter, Mike Everett and Scott Bricher. They were asked to create floral paintings in keeping with the theme of the party.

“We were going to do florals because it’s spring and that’s the theme of our fundraiser. I just wanted to have flowers that would be from the gardens here at Seven Hearths originally,” said Chabrian.

More information is available here about the George Laurence Nelson Scholarship.